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About Fleas
  • Color: adults: black to reddish brown; larvae: dirty-white.
  • Size: adults: 1/8-inch long; larvae: 1/4-inch long.
  • Wingless, laterally flattened with piercing-sucking mouthparts.
  • Very well developed legs which allows them to jump at least six inches straight up. Their bodies are covered with backward-projecting spines that help them move between the hairs on the host animal.
  • A row of very heavy spines on the front of the head (genal comb) and the back part of the first body segment (pronotal comb).
  • Larvae look much like fly maggots except for their well-developed head and a pair of hook-like appendages on the last abdominal segment.

What is the Damage

Fleas are one of the more common and annoying pests that you can encounter in your home. They are usually associated with those that own pets such as dogs and cats, and often attach themselves to these animals while they are outside. Once they have hitched a ride on your pets, they will enter your home and start an infestation of their own, often living in carpets and on furniture. They will then survive by biting and feeding on the blood of both the animals in the house and the humans. Their bites leave behind itchy red welts, and can even spread some blood-borne diseases. With this in mind, getting rid of fleas should be a high priority if your house is infested.

Our Solution

We will thoroughly inspect and treat pet-frequented areas including:

  • Carpeted areas of the home
  • Baseboards in areas without carpeting
  • Throw rugs or area rugs

Our experienced technicians will provide you with a path to eliminating your flea problem.  Contact us today for a  free evaluation.

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